Where does science begin?

In recent years, the rate of introduction of scientific developments into the industrial and even domestic spheres has accelerated significantly. No more waiting for many years before what was the cutting edge of science is put into practice. Such a rapid introduction also imposes its own limitations - close cooperation between scientists and industry became quite important.

In any industry, and especially in the science-intensive one, a clear technical requirements are of great importance. In order to do proper technical requirements one needs to have extensive knowledge. Our team includes specialists engaged in research in a variety of scientific areas - from elementary particle physics to biotechnology and computer science. This makes it easy for our experienced, highly qualified specialists to find the optimal solution even in the subject area. Regardless of the subject area, we work closely with the customer to better understand the task and its full-fledged solution.

Our research, which primarily includes open source projects, has already been appreciated by the international scientific community.

We do


Analytics, prototyping and research for fundamental science and industry.

Expert activity

Analysis and improvement of existing scientific software and projects.


Design the architecture for scientific and technological applications.


The development and support of open-source and in-house solutions( libraries, frameworks and end-user application).

How our team works

The primary feature of our work is research. We do not just do what customer tells us to do. We conduct a full-scale research and devise a way (algorithm, technology, etc), which would produce the best results.

Our team is deeply engaged in education activity. It allows us to invite the most promising young researchers and developers to work with us both on part-time and full-time basis and get a constant feedback on new technologies and methods. The connection to fundamental science allows to be aware of the latest technological and methodical advances.

Another unique feature of our work is that our team have experience both in research and industrial IT. That means that we not only produce "research code" and prototypes, but also able to provide MVP or even small-scale product development.

How to start?

Please contact us via email below. We will discuss your problem for free and tell you if we can do it and how much will it cost. Since we do research, each task needs individual approach and estimation. We provide discounts for open research and open source software development.