Master program

Master program "Scientific programming" at MIPT aims to prepare specialists both in application programming and domain field (such as physics, biology, biotechnology, computer science and other research areas).

In modern science and technology, application level programming is an integral part of any major work. And in order to be successful in this field, one needs to know both software engineering and the domain field.

Courses in 2022–2023:

Scientific literature seminar

curated by Aleksandr Svetlichnyi


Statistical methods and data analysis

by Alexander Nozik and Vladimir Palmin

Actual program: SPC-A-6


Introduction to scientific programming in Kotlin

by Alexander Nozik

Actual program: SPC-A-6


Numeric methods

by Konstantin Tikhonov and Rolan Grinis

Actual program: SPC-A-3

Advanced Python

by Mikhail Zelenyy

Actual program: SPC-A-4


Computational finance

by Rolan Grinis

Actual program: SPC-A-10